Michael Ellis

April 2011 Graduate

Meet National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month, Michael Ellis.

Congratulations to Mr. Michael Ellis of Port St. Lucie, Florida for being selected as National Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month for April, 2011.

Michael is married to his lovely wife and has 3 kids, 5 grandkids, a loving and dedicated mother who never gave up on him, 2 older brothers and a sister…phew.  Now that’s a family.  Congratulations on having such a family Michael; you’re a lucky man.

Prior to becoming a Professional Heavy Equipment Operator Michael worked in construction building bridges, seawalls and boat docks.  Now that sounds like hard work.  Michael said he worked around heavy equipment all of his life but was never given the chance to learn how to operate it.  So, he tells us he decided to take a chance and make a career change into heavy equipment and he says he has no regrets.

Michael Ellis | Heavy Equipment Operator School

We think you made the right choice Michael; according to the instructors this seems to be a great fit for you.  It’s not easy to impress those guys.  We’re glad you chose us to take a chance on helping you succeed in this industry.

We asked Michael what his most memorable moments during his time with us and he said” The first day when I was put on the skid steer loader when I knew absolutely nothing.  I may have been slow but with the help of National’s instructors I would not have had a chance of a life time.”

Thank you Michael, we appreciate the compliment.

Michael’s plans now are to get started with a company and get behind the controls as soon as possible.

Michael, we want to thank you again for choosing National Training to help you with your goals.

National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School