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Lifetime Job Placement Assistance and Career Services for Graduates

At National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School (HEOS), we’re committed to helping each graduate launch his/her future with the first job placement. The HEOS Career Services Department has been highly successful with job placement for our graduates, which is a reflection on the quality of our students and training. We have had many graduates who received job offers even before they completed their resident training.

The Career Services Department seeks out potential employers and learns of available openings for certified heavy equipment operators. This is done through an exchange of information with companies, government agencies, and third party recruiters. Serious effort is made to help all graduates find positions in which their capabilities will be both used and rewarded.

Finding Your First Heavy Excavating Job – and Helping Advance Your Career

We are here to guide you towards achieving the necessary skills that will help you reach your goal — obtain not just a job, but a career!

Not only that, but our Career Services Department serves past graduates by helping them change jobs and extend their heavy excavating career. We are proud of our Lifetime Job Placement Assistance program and how it helps HEOS graduates become successful with long tenures in their career of choice.

Career Services for Heavy Equipment Operator Graduates

Billions are being spent in the United States to build and repair roads, bridges, airfields, office buildings, shopping centers, and subdivisions – not to mention for soil conservation, land leveling, reclamation and flood control projects to improve our environment.

Heavy equipment machines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they do a lot of work and earn a profit for their owners, if qualified operators run them. The construction, forestry, strip mining, conservation, land clearing, utilities and other industries are not going to employ untrained or unskilled people to operate these costly machines.

And so, the need for qualified heavy equipment operators never ends. The person who successfully completes a high-quality training program in this field should have a good future.

Because of this, our Heavy Equipment Operator Graduates are generally fully employed in this field soon after graduation.