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National Training is excited to offer more training courses tailored to fit the needs of more people. For those looking to train on only one piece of equipment at a time, National Training has created individual 2 week training courses on 4 different types of heavy equipment: bulldozer, articulated loader, excavator, and tractor loader backhoe. Stay tuned for more information and upcoming class dates!

National Training’s Excavator Heavy Equipment Course is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and skills required to operate an excavator safely and effectively. In this course, students will learn how to operate and maintain excavators, including proper safety procedures, basic excavation techniques, and operating controls. They will also gain knowledge on how to use attachments, such as buckets and thumbs, and learn basic servicing and troubleshooting techniques.

This course is taught by experienced instructors who have practical knowledge of the construction industry and will include classroom and simulator instruction.  Students will learn excavator functions and components, how to safely operate an excavator on various terrains and surface conditions, including slopes and uneven terrain. In addition to basic operation, students will learn about excavator maintenance and repair, including performing routine inspections and troubleshooting common mechanical issues. They will also practice safe site setup, excavation techniques, grading, and trenching with an emphasis on proper soil management and excavation depth control.

Throughout the course, students will engage in hands-on learning activities, taking a practical approach that allows them to develop the skills needed to operate an excavator safely and effectively.

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion and an entry into the NCCER Registry for Excavators.

2 week Excavator Course

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Train on one piece of equipment at a time, or take our Heavy Now Course to train on all 4.

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After successful completion of the Excavator Course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and an entry into the NCCER Registry for the excavator.

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Our Excavator Course consists of classroom, simulator and hands-on /lab training. In just 2 weeks you could be up and running as an Excavator Operator!

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