National Training, Inc.’s

Heavy Equipment Operator School

Few words about us

Let us start by stating that our programs are both challenging and rewarding to complete. All of our programs have been specifically designed with you and public safety in mind. Our programs emphasize hands-on learning as the primary vehicle to build your skills as a Professional Heavy Equipment Operator. Make no mistake that proficiency, competence and proper operating safety can only be attained with generous preparation time. Our very effective NCCER  training system provides our students with high training hours while limiting the actual physical attendance at the school to only 4-weeks.

The training is spread out over 4-weeks so the learning experience stays fresh and interesting. You will be operating heavy equipment in a matter of a few days. The classroom hours are very efficiently determined by need. Remember, your time here is limited and important. Our “a lot more in less time” training system, Heavy Now is ideally designed for the busy, on-the-go student of the new millennium.

We are in contact with actual industry personnel who advise and help us maximize the training content and quality thus providing our graduates an opportunity for success. Our students enjoy attending our modern, 350-acre training facility in a country setting.

Our main focus is your progress. Each student receives the personal attention that may be necessary. The construction, forestry, strip mining, conservation, land clearing, reclamation, landscaping, utilities and other industries do not accept individuals that are untrained and unskilled to operate costly heavy equipment machines. It is our desire to provide formal training to help supply the industry with knowledgeable, safety-conscious and industrious personnel.

National Training, Inc. strives to instill in its students an awareness of all the factors that will enable our graduates to accomplish and maintain a level of proficiency that will prove to be an ongoing asset after they graduate from the School.

It is our contention that through a dedicated, ambitious faculty, a varied and multifaceted curriculum and facilities capable of providing a multitude of practical experiences, our graduates will have developed the confidence and skills to begin a rewarding career.

National Training, Inc. is licensed by the State of Florida, Commission for Independent Education, Tallahassee, Florida. National Training Inc. is an eligible training provider for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). National Training, Inc. is authorized to train eligible Vocational Rehabilitation Participants. The Heavy Now program is approved for the training of veterans.

What all this means to you is: VALUE AND EMPLOYER RECOGNITION. We offer an up to date program with a very competitive tuition. Your hard-earned dollars deserve the highest quality and quantity of professional training preparation that is possible.

Compare our training program and I’m sure you will see the value in the training we offer you.

So, welcome to National Training Inc, future graduate. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your career goal.

    Entrance to the National Truck Driving School Training Grounds, a 350-acre complex of classrooms, maintenance shops, and an exclusive, 1 1/4-mile private training trackAdministrative Offices of National Training, Inc., parent company of National Truck Driving School


National Training Inc. record of success is documented by the Florida Department of Education, with the latest reports showing high levels of course completion and job placement, as follows:

Course Completion and Satisfaction Rates, 2018:

  • Average  Training Course Completion Rate for Students: 98%
  • Students surveyed who responded that they:
    • Achieved their learning goals: 97.1%
    • Would recommend the institution to a friend: 97.1%
    • Were satisfied with their studies: 96.3%

Job Placement Rates for Graduates, 2018

According to the Florida Department of Education:

  • 100% of the graduates from our Commercial Driver’s License Programs are working in the field.
  • 100% of the graduates from our Heavy Equipment Operators Program are working in the field.


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Articulated Loader | Heavy Equipment Operator School
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Excavator | Heavy Equipment Operator School