Kevin Lockhart

March 2010 Graduate

Meet National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month, Kevin Lockhart

Kevin is a local to us living in Jacksonville, Florida and he has two wonderful kids and, as he puts it, an “outstanding” mother.  Did you hear that Ms. Lockhart?

Kevin is a recent graduate of our completing our class back in October 2009.  We wanted to make sure we gave him this honor that he earned.

Prior to attending our school Kevin worked various careers such as construction, warehousing and a few temporary jobs.  He chose to become a heavy equipment operator because he wanted to do something more productive and start a career.  While Kevin was with us he learned how to operator several types of heavy equipment machinery such as the bulldozer, front-end tractor loader backhoe, the articulating loader, large excavators, mini Bobcat excavators, mini Bobcat skid-steer loader and various other construction skills such as blue print reader, surveying and how to use LASER surveying equipment.

Kevin Lockhart | Excavator Operator | Heavy Equipment Operator School

All of these are valuable skills that can keep a person securely employed and even start their own business.

When we asked, as we always do, what his experience was like with us Kevin told us it was a wonderful experience and plus his earned his certificate of qualification.  He also tells us he’s met a lot of people and it was a positive experience.  His favorite part of training was being able to control such a powerful machine.

We love that part too.  Those machines are just plain fun.

Kevin’s plans right now are to focus on becoming a professional in this line of work and being the type of dad his kids can be proud of.

Well Kevin, we have no doubt that you will succeed in both.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life experience.

Kevin here’s what our instructors had to say.

Instructor comments:

“Kevin, like all of our students, started off hesitant.  However, he always had a good time on the equipment.  When you can have fun on something the skills will come quickly. In Kevin’s case this was very true. By the second day of training he was having a real good time and listening to everything we instructed him to do like a sponge.

We know Kevin will make a fine operator for any company.  He enjoys his work and he works hard.  When a company finds an employee with Kevin’s attitude and drive and a person who just plain loves their work they’ve found a diamond.  Thank you Kevin.”

Sam Hogg

Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor, National Training, Inc.

Kevin, it has been the greatest pleasure getting to know you and we wish you great success in this field.

National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School