Karl Garrett

May 2010 Graduate

Meet National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month, Karl Garrett

Karl attended our program in March of this year and we wanted to make sure he received his due recognition.

Karl has 4 children and let us tell you he is one proud father of each one. Karl has two boys and two girls between the ages of fifteen months to 22 years. Wow Karl way to go. Karl went on to tell us his oldest son is close to completing a 4 year tour in the Marine Corp and his oldest daughter is one exceptional artist and his youngest daughter is an outstanding soccer player. His youngest son is growing so fast and, like his father, likes to play with things that are mechanical.

Karl himself recently retired from the Marine Corp after 20 years working in electronics, radio and computer repair.

Karl Garrett | Bulldozer Operator | Heavy Equipment Operator School

Karl, as we do with all of our veterans, we want to thank you profoundly for your service to this country.

We asked Karl why he wanted to become a professional heavy equipment operator and he told us heavy equipment operation has been something he’s been interested in for about ten years. According to Karl “It fascinates me to see the before and after looks when it comes to earth moving. I love to work outside and get involved with all phases of heavy equipment.”

You know, we have many people that come to our school and it fascinates us as well just how many reasons there are as to why people want to become heavy equipment operators. One thing it has taught us is the possibilities are endless in this industry for those that have vision.

Karl obviously has his own vision within this industry. He has a dream of owning his own company someday and with all the training he has received on the multiple pieces of equipment we train plus his drive he stands to succeed. We have no doubt about his chances.

One thing unique about our school is we offer to career training packages that fit together very well. We train people how to operate heavy equipment and we also provide Professional Class “A” CDL training for those that want to become professional truck drivers.

Both industries by themselves offer many rewards and opportunities for aspiring individuals. Take both programs and now you are one well prepared and secure person with and endless amount of possibilities. Having the skills for both industries is something construction employer’s value very highly as it make the employee a serious asset to the company. When a person comes to a construction company for a job and that person can not only operate several pieces of construction equipment plus drive a semi-tractor trailer their chances of getting hired just doubled. It usually takes a person with a class “A” commercial driver’s license to haul the equipment from job site to job site and another person to operate the equipment.

Not in Karl’s case; he was wise enough to take both of our programs. Now he can haul the equipment and also operate the equipment.

During each interview we always ask a few standard questions of our top graduates and in Karl’s case it was not different.

We asked Karl what his experience was like during his time with us at National Training and here’s the response we got. “My time at the resident training was very enlightening and also fun at the same time. Being able to start with a blank piece of ground and turn it into a usable product is very satisfying. I enjoyed my time learning from the instructors who have a wealth of knowledge.”

We also ask each top graduate if they had any memorable moments during their time at National Heavy Equipment Operator School. Karl tells us his memorable moment was the time he finally got to train and operate on the bulldozers and large excavators. As we heard from our instructors Karl was very excited and couldn’t wait until he got behind the controls.

We understand this very well. There’s something very exciting about controlling so much power.

As for Karl’s future plans he wants to build up to owning a few pieces of equipment. He also wants to be able to deliver the equipment, conduct operations, pack it back up and use those profits to someday build up to owning his own business.

During Karl’s time with he struck a chord with the instructors and they liked him a lot which goes a long way for selection for Graduate of the Month by the way. When a graduate is selected for this honor we always ask the instructor’s to share a comment about this person.

Here’s what our Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor Sam Hogg had to say about Karl:

“Mr. Garrett is an extremely hard worker and left no doubt that he loves to run the equipment. Although Karl said he liked to run every piece of equipment we had available I believe the bulldozer is his favorite. His skills on the bull dozer, from the time he started training on it until he graduated, have gotten really sharp. You could just tell he loved his time on the machine. He is going to make a really good operator because he could see what needed to be done; he has the skills to do it along with the drive to get the job done. He finished at the top because he always worked on doing a good job and doing it right. I’m glad I had the chance to get to know him.”

Sam Hogg

Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor, National Training, Inc.

Karl, those are strong words coming from Sam. We know you must have really impressed him. We want to thank you again for choosing National Training to help you with your career goals and we truly hope you will stop by and see us from time to time Karl. Or at least write us a note and send some pictures.

National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School