Daniel Noguez

July 2010 Graduate

Meet National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month, Daniel Noguez

Daniel came to us from Naples, Florida. Although Daniel is not married he does a very impressive family. He has 6 siblings, 4 brother and 2 sisters. Wow, we hope he isn’t the youngest. Anyway Daniel’s father worked in the construction industry for over 20 years and his mother, we must say, had the hardest job of the two. Daniel’s mother was a stay at home mom and as admitted by Daniel…” had her hands full”. We can only image. Hopefully, Daniel and his SIX siblings weren’t too tough growing up for her.

At any rate, Mrs. Noguez we want to tip our hats to you because no matter how good your children are raising 7 is quite an accomplishment.

As we mentioned Daniel’s father is a career construction man and Daniel doesn’t seem to be any different. You see Daniel graduated from the Architectural & Construction Institute while still in high school and after that Daniel went to work with his father for two year and then he joined the Marine Corps and became a heavy equipment operator during his time in service for four years.

Daniel Noguez | Bulldozer Operator | Heavy Equipment Operator School

Daniel that is already an impressive resume of accomplishments you have. We want to thank you for serving your country as well. We strongly support our military troops.

Daniel decided he wanted to become a Professional Heavy Equipment Operator after his time in the service was up. It was the next logical step for him to come to our school. Daniel tells us he enjoys working with the machines and it gives him a great sense of accomplishment and knowing and seeing the work transformed and completed.

We couldn’t say it any better Daniel. Many people love to work outdoors and also love to operator the powerful machines and the instant gratification that comes along with the work. Just being able to see the massive amount of work you can accomplish just by operating the controls of these massive machines can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Daniel decided to attend our school because of the credentials we carry compared to other schools he’s researched and we are very friendly to our military.

When we asked Daniel what his experience was during his time with us he said “It was a great experience, good knowledgeable instructors and a great environment.  I was able to absorb and maintain knowledge and hands on the gear. It was just great overall.  A great class.”

Daniel tells us his favorite part of his time with us was the actual hands on training and getting into the gear, as he puts it.  He enjoyed learning new gear and techniques in completing the job.  Thank you Daniel.

As for Daniel’s future plans he tells us he plans on working for the Florida Forestry Service and he also wants to go back to school and earn his engineering degree. All of this though will have to finish his time in the Marine Corps.

Well Daniel it seems you have a well laid out plan and we have no doubt you will succeed in accomplishing your goals.

Take a look at what our instructor Sam Hogg had to say about Daniel:

Daniel is just fun to be around and it’s just as fun to work with him.  He’s just an all around good guy.  Daniel came to us with four years of experience under his belt and you could tell by watching how comfortable he was when he first started to operate the machines.  Usually when new students arrive they tend to favor one machine over the next, but not Daniel.  Daniel seems to have liked them all which will be a positive thing for him and his career.  Although Daniel had four years of experience you could tell he wanted to learn everything we offered and he absorbed it all like a sponge.  He came away from the training a much more refined operator.  We know Daniel will do well in this industry and we wish him the best of luck.  We do hope he stops by the school sometime; we would love to have him visit.

Sam Hogg

Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor, National Training, Inc.

Well Daniel thank you for choosing National Heavy Equipment Operator School to help you on your journey.  We really do hope you stop by to see us again.

National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School