Cody Burnsed

August 2010 Graduate

Meet National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month, Cody Burnsed

Although Cody graduated in June of this year we wanted to make sure he received his just due recognition.

Cody is from Hawthorne, Florida where grew up.  Before attending National for his Heavy Equipment training Cody worked at a water treatment facility and he was also a mechanic.

Cody told us he always liked heavy equipment machinery and he used to drive his uncles grove tractors when he was little.  After that the closest thing to a piece of heavy equipment he had around was his lawn tractor his parents bought him.  At one point his parents bought him a couple of jet skies when he was 14; by the time he turned 16 he traded them for a 1961 tractor and a box blade.

Cody Burnsed | Bulldozer Operator | Heavy Equipment Operator School

From there Cody started his own little business working for his neighbors. Cody says he only bought it because he liked to play around with it and that’s what led him in our direction. Cody’s decision to attend equipment operator training was reinforced by his mom and dad who always knew that heavy equipment was what Cody liked.

Cody says he chose National Training because of our instructors. According to Cody “The instructors seemed very nice and were really there to help you learn the equipment. I had a great experience with the instructors who were never too busy to help you out or show you how to do something.”

During Cody’s time with us he said his favorite part was “being so excited about going on the dozer and then finding out it’s a lot harder than it looks”.

That’s right Cody, we have more students tell us that same thing about the dozer. The dozer, although a machine that looks very simple, is one of the toughest machines to master. It truly is a precision machine.

Cody went on to tell us his future plans are to find a good job and have a good career in the heavy equipment construction industry and “play while I get paid”.

We have no doubt Cody will succeed and we want to thank Cody again for allowing us the privilege of providing his training and playing a small role in his life.

National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School