Alonzo Thomas

June 2010 Graduate

Meet National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month, Alonzo Thomas

Alonzo came to us from Melbourne, Florida and he is married to his lovely wife of 22 years and they have two boys age 18 and 9.  Both Alonzo and his wife are retired from the United States Airforce.  Alonzo worked as an Administrative Clerk and his wife was a Physician’s Assistant.

After 20 years of working inside Alonzo decided his love of the outdoors and physical labor are what drove him to become a Professional Heavy Equipment Operator.  He couldn’t have chosen a better field if that’s what he was looking for.  We do need to add one thing though.  We don’t know how much physical labor you’re actually going to be doing besides pushing and pulling levers Alonzo.

Alonzo chose National Training because he liked our training format the best.  According to Alonzo “I liked the idea you could be at home learning at your own pace and then receive the hands-on training later.  It seems like you all thought this out for the good of the individual and National Training, Inc.”

Alonzo you are absolutely correct about our format.  We designed this course to be as convenient as we could possibly make it without sacrificing on quality.  What we ended up doing was creating a program that actually enhanced the learning process.  We understand people that come to our school want to operate the heavy construction equipment however, like every school, we do have a certain amount “book work or ground school” that needs to be completed.  We also realize we could not bring people to our school and learn how to operate the bulldozers, excavators, articulated loader, etc while sitting in a classroom.

Our course is designed to maximize a student’s time.  Our students can be enrolled in our course and do the home study lessons at home in the best learning environment possible and at a pace and schedule that works best for them.  When a student selects a resident training (hands-on) class that works best for them they can focus on operating the equipment where the real learning takes place.

During Alonzo’s training with us he learned valuable skills on multiple pieces of heavy construction equipment such as the bulldozer, large excavator, articulated front-end loader, front-end loader/tractor/backhoe, Bobcat mini-excavator, Bobcat skid-steer loader.  Along with skills to operate these pieces of construction equipment Alonzo also learned basic surveying techniques, basic blueprint reading, how to use LASER grading equipment, pipe LASER’s, various construction projects to include a range of highway construction, pond and reservoir construction, land clearing and land clearing techniques, and a multitude of other types of common construction projects and Alonzo succeeded in all of these lessons.

Alonzo, we at National Heavy Equipment Operator School want to thank you for giving us the pleasure of getting to know you and to help you succeed in your goals.  You now have the skills and education to carry out your dreams.

Our Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor Sam Hogg wanted to add a few words to your profile so please read on.

Instructor Comments:

“When Alonzo arrived here we found out that he had never operated heavy equipment before.  This is common with many of our students and many are apprehensive to start.  This is understandable since these machines are very large and powerful.  However, Thomas didn’t seem the least bit bothered by this and in fact he was eager to get started.  Like others it getting started that’s hardest part but once they are familiar with the controls they are off and running.  This was Thomas and once he got rolling he picked up our instruction quickly.  Good job Thomas it was a pleasure having you here.  We know Thomas will make a great operator for any employer.”

Sam Hogg

Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor, National Training, Inc.

Once again Thomas, thank you for choosing National.

National Training, Inc.’s Heavy Equipment Operator School