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Meet Our Heavy Equipment and CDL Training School Administration


The Administration of National Training, Inc., is a privately owned coeducational vocational school located in Orange Park, wholly owned by National Training, Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Florida. National Training, Inc. is not affiliated with any other organization.

Larry S. Lark

Director / CEO

All Highly Experienced Producers of CDL School Classes and

Heavy Equipment Training

Larry S. Lark


Mike Adams

Training Grounds Director NCCER Master Trainer

Lisa L. Butler


Reese Zimmerman

Credit Collections Manager

Andrew McLoughlin

Admissions Manager

Kayla Hartwig

Admissions Rep

Suzanne McCullough


Student Services

Meet our Professional Heavy Equipment Training Instructors

Our instructors are the best in the business. All of them are patient and supportive in teaching the hands-on skills our students will need to successfully pass the CDL test and to use in their chosen profession. Most of our instructors have been qualified by the State of Florida to administer the state’s CDL Test to our students and to others, as 3rd Party Testers for truck drivers sent to us by companies and other sources.

Not only are our instructors accomplished in CDL training and/or heavy equipment training, but they also have great depth of knowledge of the trucking industry from first-hand experience as truck drivers.

Our instructors have more than a century of experience as truck drivers and CDL training instructors.

Our instructors each have many years of experience training and coaching students who are learning truck driving and heavy equipment operation. Their collective experience from working and teaching in these fields totals over 100 years.

This extensive background and experience, both in the field and in the classroom, serves our students very well when learning truck driving techniques at the wheel of a semi tractor-trailer, or in the catbird seat of an earth mover. With their expertise, our instructors also offer invaluable knowledge and advice in the classroom, where students learn about the life of a truck driver and discuss important industry topics and non-driving skills.

Mike Adams

NCCER Master Trainer

Training Grounds Director

Joe Davis

NCCER Master Trainer

Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor

Noah Young

Heavy Equipment Instructor

John Stevens

Backing Instructor


Raymond Cobb

Backing Instructor

Jim Hawkinson

3rd Party State Tester

Rob Bilonick

3rd Party State Tester

John Adams

CDL Classroom Instructor