2016 Heavy Now Catalog Cover

High-school Graduates For The Heavy Equipment Operator Industry

Construction is the largest service industry in the United States, 50153294346__96e11902-9c1c-4aff-9226-20a26cd189cdand it is growing fast, with more roads, houses, apartments, and office buildings being built every day – and plenty more on the drawing boards. Contractors and construction firms have a constant need for qualified heavy-equipment operators, to help build all these highways and structures. Heavy equipment operators and small earth-moving contractors also work in the utilities industry, including telephone, electric, gas, and water companies.

There is no more important occupation in the United States than the heavy equipment operator. Without these people, we would have very limited roads, dams, bridges, housing, flood control, and very little mining, land clearing, conservation, landscaping, reclamation, land filling, logging, or pipelines.