Excavator Operator Training



  1. Identify and describe types, uses, and components of excavators.
    • Identify and describe common types of excavators.
    • Identify and describe common uses of excavators.
    • Identify and describe major parts of excavators.
    • Identify and describe excavator instrumentation and controls.
    • Identify and describe common excavator buckets and attachments.
  2. Identify and describe safety, inspection, and service guidelines associated with an excavator.
    • Describe guidelines associated with excavator safety.
    • Describe prestart inspection procedures.
    • Describe preventive maintenance requirements
  3. Describe basic startup and operating procedures for a track-mounted hydraulic excavator.
    • Describe startup, warm-up, and shutdown procedures.
    • Describe basic maneuvers and operations.
    • Describe common work activities. d. Describe activities involving special attachments.
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