Backhoe Loader Operator Training


A Backhoe loader is an equipment built from three different construction heavy equipment. These are the tractor, loader and backhoe. Each equipment is made to do a particular work. On a usual construction site, the operator utilizes the three components to get the task done.


  1. Identify and describe common uses and types of backhoes.
    • Describe common uses of a backhoe.
    • Identify types and configurations of backhoes.
  2. Identify and describe the components, controls, and attachments on a typical backhoe.
    • Describe the major parts of a backhoe.
    • Describe the instruments and controls.
    • Describe the backhoe controls.
    • Describe common backhoe attachments.
  3. Identify and describe safety, inspection, and service guidelines associated with a backhoe.
    • Describe rules pertaining to safety.
    • Describe daily inspection checks.
    • Describe the servicing requirements for a backhoe.
  4. Describe basic operating procedures for a backhoe.
    • Identify factors for effective backhoe operation.
    • Identify steps for preparing to work with a backhoe.
    • Identify steps for performing basic maneuvers with a backhoe.
  5. Identify and describe common work activities for a backhoe.
    • Describe loading from a stockpile with a backhoe.
    • Describe trenching and loading with a backhoe.
    • Describe demolition using the hydraulic breaker.
    • Describe setting pipe using a backhoe.
    • Describe excavating footings and foundations with a backhoe.
    • Describe working with a backhoe in confined or unstable areas.
    • Describe basic procedures for roading and transporting a backhoe.
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