Backhoe Loader Operator Training

National Training teaches students how to safely operate different sizes and models of bulldozers, articulating loaders, tractor/loader backhoes, and excavators. Below are the objectives for the backhoe loader training portion of the Heavy Now course.

Please note that the equipment displayed on the website is not necessary present at all training sites, as we change training equipment from time to time.

Backhoe Loader Driver Training | Earth Movers School – NTI National Training Institute

Course Objectives

Identify and describe common uses and types of backhoes

    • Describe common uses of a backhoe
    • Identify types and configurations of backhoes

Identify and describe the components, controls, and attachments on a typical backhoe

    • Describe the major parts of a backhoe
    • Describe the instruments and controls
    • Describe the backhoe controls
    • Describe common backhoe attachments

Identify and describe safety, inspection, and service guidelines associated with a backhoe

    • Describe rules pertaining to safety
    • Describe daily inspection checks
    • Describe the servicing requirements for a backhoe

Describe basic operating procedures for a backhoe

    • Identify factors for effective backhoe operation
    • Identify steps for preparing to work with a backhoe
    • Identify steps for performing basic maneuvers with a backhoe

Identify and describe common work activities for a backhoe

    • Describe loading from a stockpile with a backhoe
    • Describe trenching and loading with a backhoe
    • Describe demolition using the hydraulic breaker
    • Describe setting pipe using a backhoe
    • Describe excavating footings and foundations with a backhoe
    • Describe working with a backhoe in confined or unstable areas
    • Describe basic procedures for roading and transporting a backhoe


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